Corporate Wellness

With the ever increasing cost of health insurance, companies are searching for ways to get a handle on this expensive employee benefit. In addition to reducing bottom line cost, companies are motivated to reduce non productive time such as sick leave and decreased productivity that results from poor employee health.

Results of research show employers that commit to an integrated long term workplace wellness program reap big benefits. These benefits include:

  • Reduced health care cost
  • Less sick day utilization
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved employee morale

For every $100 spent on employee wellness your return on investment appears to average $300 per year of savings per employee.

WellPlan / Occupational Health Partners, divisions of COMCARE, has the staff and expertise to assist you in planning a corporate wellness program that works. Better yet, they can design the program elements to fit your particular workforce.

Call 785-452-3244 or e-mail us today to investigate how to begin taking steps to improve your work force wellness.




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